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Shamballa necklaces symbolize karma, inner peace, tranquility and happiness. The gemstones are held together with a 1mm cord and a lobster clasp closure.

Shamballa Chakra Healing Necklace (Choker Style)

  • The Chakra healing necklace includes the following stones and their related chakras. Ruby for the Root Chakra, Carnelian for the Sacral chakra, Yellow Jade for the Solar Plexus, Kambala Jasper for the heart chakra, Sodalite for the Throat chakra, Fluorite for the Third Eye & Amethyst for the Crown chakra. Clear quartz is added to magnify the properties of the other gemstones. All gemstones are 12mm round stones. To choose the right size necklace, measure your neck with a string and a ruler. Small fits neck sizes up to 14.5 inches, Medium fits neck sizes up to 15.5 inches & Large fits neck sizes up to 17.5 inches.
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